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They say that one of the most special moments in a woman’s life is when she holds her newborn in her arms for the very first time. Motherhood brings in unconditional love, compassion, compromise, responsibility and sacrifice. It helps you realize your innermost strengths and hidden potential.

From conception to delivery, being a new mother, you experience various emotions and physical symptoms. You see your body changing drastically. After having a baby, a woman’s body is not like before. Many women feel low seeing their post pregnancy belly, marks and loose skin and physically feel exhausted.

Society doesn’t help either. Because of notions of a fit body and the social media setting norms, you want to get back in shape as you were before. Pictures of models and celebrities losing pregnancy weight fast are all over Facebook and Instagram. But why would you let others determine anything about your body?

So, this is for all new moms who are struggling with body image, who feel that their body is not as ‘attractive’ or slim like before- this change is completely normal! To have gained weight and have new scars are signs that your body carried a baby for nine months! Now if that is not magical, then what is?

While it is good to begin working out (after consulting your doctor), it’s also recommended to enjoy your body. To love it, take care of it and most important of all- be healthy.

You have all the reasons to love your post pregnancy body! 

To help you get started, here are five good ones:


1. You Created A New Life

Sounds divine doesn’t it? To create a new life is nothing less than a miracle. To carry a baby inside the body for nine months, nurture it and bring it out in the world is pretty incredible. Isn’t this a reason enough to appreciate your new body.

Take care of yourself. You are brave because YOU created this little human being. Be easy on yourself and remember that you can get into shape gradually with the right time. Eat right, get rest, pamper yourself, love your amazing body and enjoy life.


2. Remember Your Journey

Nine months is 39 long weeks! Don’t criticize your body for the stretch marks, loose skin and the extra fat. Change your perspective and view them as signs of the journey that you undertook.

All the hormonal changes, sacrifice, pain, cravings, happiness, mood swings and the excitement- every single emotion gave you battle scars! You are a fighter and a conqueror. Remember that!


3. Enjoy Your Curves

Pregnancy gives you beautiful curves that remind you how you carried your precious one. If you were skinny and got curvy or were curvy and got curvier- every change is amazing. It is a sign of your good health and you should learn to embrace it.

Getting toned should not be your immediate priority. Sure, you can exercise and lose your baby weight gradually and healthily. Till then, enjoy your body.


4. Value Yourself

Don’t let the world determine how you should feel about your body. Don’t put yourself down or underestimate yourself in any way! Remember that you are the only one like you. It is your body, your baby, your life. There is no another you. Realize your importance and feel special because you deserve it.

Only when you feel great about yourself will you be able to love yourself and your baby completely. Feel positive and be optimistic about life. You will give out happy vibes which are good  for your baby too! Keep the atmosphere light with your radiance and feel the pleasures of being a new mother. Don’t forget that the experience of motherhood is incomparable.

5. You have a BABY!

Don’t miss out on feeling incredible about the fact that you have a new mini- you! Let the baby’s cuteness and love overwhelm you. Appreciate yourself and your body because it was you who made this new life. Spend every magical moment with your beautiful one and love him with all your heart.

She or him can even be your post pregnancy workout partner, whether exercising while babywearing or doing mom and baby workout together.

Remember not to judge yourself through societal norms and social media standards. Yes it is great to have a toned body, but the phase of being a new mom will not come again. Cherish every second of it with your family, take pictures, treat yourself with flowers and chocolates, go to a spa, make memories and don’t forget that your body is going through several transitions. Motherhood is a gift and be sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

Rebecca Siggers is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Caught by the fashion bug, she also loves to pen down her thoughts on paper and share them with the world. A traveler by heart, she enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new cultures.

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