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Shedding those pregnancy pounds can be hard enough, but it is even harder when you consider the amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to caring for your new little bundle of joy.

From breastfeeding (or bottle feeding) every few hours to diaper changing and squeezing in time for sleep, there’s barely time to keep up your house chores, much less find time to work out. However, there is a way to shed that baby weight without missing a beat. In fact, you can do it with baby in tow!

Babywearing allows you to commit to an exercise routine that will help you lose that extra flab that your sweet little baby brought you, and you can do it all while never having to put your baby down.

This provides a close, comfortable experience for your baby, and takes the worry away from mom! You don’t have to step away from your little one at all. There are a few tips and tricks to help you get exercise while wearing your baby, and with a little practice, you’ll be a fit momma in no time at all!

Safety Matters

When babywearing, safety is crucial. It is even more important if you are planning to work out while wearing your baby. To ensure that your precious package is safe and secure, you need to be sure that you have the right fit.

Any style carrier or wrap will work, but follow the instructions carefully when strapping it on and strapping your baby in. When working out, you will want to keep baby in an upright position, close to your body. You’re going for a snug fit that isn’t too tight.

Be aware of your balance, and take it easy if your balance feels off. This is especially important for moms during their first month postpartum.

Remember, during pregnancy your center of gravity shifted to a low center point (where you carried your baby). You may have felt off balance or even stumbled a bit, but eventually you gained your balance (and maybe even developed a little momma waddle).

The same is true after pregnancy. You have to get comfortable with your new body and learn to balance again, and you will also need time to adjust to balancing when wearing your baby against your chest or back. Taking time to learn this step is crucial! You don’t want to risk a fall while wearing your baby!

Walk, Don’t Run

You can do a wide variety of exercises while wearing your baby, including squats, lunges, calf raises, and light cardio. Not only will your baby enjoy being close to you, but the added weight will help you get more out of your workout.

You may need to experiment with different babywearing styles to find the one that works best for you. In some cases, workouts may be easier with baby on your back. Once you’ve found a comfortable position for you and baby, find a workout plan that’s best for you and strap baby on (securely) and get started!

That being said, it is important to take it easy. You will want to stick to slower motions while babywearing. Your baby is small and shouldn’t take a lot of impact, so you need to avoid running or jumping, along with other high impact activities.

You can get a great workout without ramping up the speed, though. In fact, a brisk walk can burn tons of calories. Walking in intervals (15 minutes of brisk walking paired with 10 minutes of a lighter, slower paced walk) can help optimize your calorie burn. Light movements such as varying squats and lunges will strengthen and tone your entire body. Just dial up the reps and feel the burn!

Photo courtesy of Chrissa Benson
Photo courtesy of Chrissa Benson

Burn Calories While Cleaning House

Because you have your baby strapped right in view, you can get things done and work out, too! A fun option includes integrating your workouts into your housework. This will increase your productivity while you try to shed your pregnancy pounds.

For example, try doing squats while folding clothes. This may work best with baby strapped on your back. Simply get into a squat position and hold it.

Then, grab a shirt, fold it, and place it in the stack of folded clothes before releasing your squat position and standing back up. You may want to vary the workout and intervals to fit you best, but this is a great way to multitask and keep up with your chores.

Anyway you mix it, working out with your baby in tow is a great way to keep an eye on your precious bundle while trimming off any unwanted weight! You’ll be happy and your baby will be happy, too!

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