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Most people are interesting, inspiring in some way or another and have a story to tell, they usually tell it in their personal social media page.  But the ones who get noticed and stand out from all others are usually the ones that do things differently and out of the ordinary, either liked or hated… Active preggers are getting a lot of attention these days as a lot of them are shattering myths and braking boundaries, but no doubt that women who CrossFit during their pregnancy get the most hated, judgmental remarks…  The reason of course, is that they choose to do things differently… They kick all the pregnant myths’ a** while at it!

Meet Erin Comstock – a true inspiration!

Pro snowboarder 12 years… 5 times X-games athlete… Now, Personal trainer… NASM, CES, PES, CF-L1…. Mom to Kaius and baby girl on the way.

GF: Tell us a bit about your habits, daily routine and hobbies.

Erin: I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I am 38 years old and I am a CrossFit coach and personal trainer. I was a professional athlete for 12 years so my personal drive to stay fit is ingrained in me and my competitive nature keeps me determined.

I work out 5-6 days a week doing CrossFit, I take my 2 year old to school 2 days a week and on those days I coach and train clients.  I’m in bed at 9:30 at night and up at 6.  Working out is what makes me a better Wife, Mom and person.  I love the high I get from a good sweat!

GF: What’s your experience been like at this current pregnancy?

Erin: This is my second pregnancy.  We feel very grateful to have another child come into our lives.  This pregnancy is much different then the first.  I had already determined pre pregnancy that I was going to eat better and keep a more constant workout routine as my body allowed.  This also meant I was going to workout my whole first trimester no matter how nauseous or tired I felt.  That alone was the best decision I had made going into this pregnancy.  Even though I felt yucky the days I worked out I still felt 100 x’s better then the days I didn’t. So I knew keeping exercise in my routine was key.

GF: Was being active part of your pre-pregnancy routine? If so – what did you do and how     many times per week?

Erin: Yes, When I was pregnant with my first I was active too. So I want to clarify what activity I changed with the 2nd pregnancy.  With my 1st I went to 24 hour fitness 3-4 days a week, I went on runs as my body allowed and walked a lot.  I tried to eat healthy but it made me sick to think about healthy food, so I ate crappy food and did workouts that I thought were amazing.

I got into Crossfit 6 months postnatal to loose all the baby weight that I had gained.  Doing the High intensity and variation training that CF offers really changed my perspective of what a good workout was. I stayed with CF and watched many other moms CF their way through pregnancy and it made me determined to be just like them.  The thing with CF is that you can modify anything at any time and still get a killer workout.  The MOST important thing I found with CF is that no matter how sick I felt or tired all I had to do was show up and I would leave a sweaty mess.  These kinds of workouts I could never do on my own.  My self motivation while being pregnant is just not there.  So it is great to feel that kind of accountability when showing up to a class.

GF: Have you changed anything from your prenatal fitness routine?

Erin: I have not changed much.  If it’s not comfortable I’ll change the movement, but the biggest changes are in my pullups and pushups. I’m just too heavy to do them strict anymore. Again, I listen to my body and what it has to tell me.  Everyone has a different pregnancy and I feel very grateful that my body loves it!

GF: Is there any part of the body you emphasis more on, now that you’re pregnant?

Erin: I do not emphasis on anything more then the other.  Again CF is never the same class so we are always doing different movements to keep the whole body strong.

GF: Did you think your experience will be different than it actually is, if so, how?

Erin: My Hope is that this recovery is much better then with my first.  Yes, I worked out with my first, but the recovery was not easy like everyone said it would be “Since I was working out”. This time my energy level is SO much better and I am able to keep up with my 21/2 year old pretty well.  Those signs alone make me happy.

GF: What is you greatest motivation to stay in shape?

Erin: My greatest motivation is depression. I did not realize I was even depressed after my last child until I wasn’t depressed anymore. I realize it is more then just the weight gain that causes depression, but I wanted to do my part and reduce the effects of depression this time around.  I gained 50lbs with Kaius and it was very hard for me to loose.  Our bodies give us our confidence and I was hiding behind mine.  This probably is not the case for everyone and Let me tell you I do not hold my confidence solely in how my body looks.  But being fit, in shape and having a body that can keep up with kids, husband and all the other demands of Life I needed to loose that extra weight and it really got me down.  So, my drive this time around is to take control!  I wasn’t going to let the donuts, fast food and random workouts rule my life.  I was going to really try to gain a healthy 30 lbs this pregnancy not 50lbs.

GF: Have you gotten any negative feedback when posting your pics/videos doing CrossFit   while pregnant?

Erin: Surprisingly I have only had positive feedback!  I’m not sure if it’s because majority of    my followers are from my snowboard career and my new followers are Healthy active moms too, but I am surprised on all the support I have received.

GF: In terms of maternity activewear, what do you usually like to wear while training?

Erin:  All my pants still fit me and actually my stomach with this pregnancy and the last is really itchy so I really don’t like the belly bands on my skin.  Tops on the other hand are a totally different story. Your Double the Fun tank top is seriously the most comfortable top I own for workouts.  With this wild warm weather we have been receiving I just take my shirt off.  I have never taken my shirt off pre pregnancy.  But I really enjoy sharing the bump!  On cold days I wear my Gaya shirt 🙂

GF: Are you conscious health wise as to what you eat?

Erin: I am conscious but I am not super strict.  For example in my first trimester all I wanted was breakfast food.  So I tricked myself into making Spinach pancakes for a month.  I loved them yet they were Super healthy.  Come 17 weeks and I was craving salads again! It was amazing how different my pallet has been this time around with just being a little more conscious of my eating habits.

GF: Would you say that being active while pregnant empowers you?

Erin: It just makes me in awe of what our bodies are capable of accomplishing.  There will always be people around that say you shouldn’t do this or that.  But that is their opinion and their story it does not need to be your story.  I say enjoy pregnancy and stay strong as long as your body allows it.  Because at the end of the Day we are giving birth to another human being! Don’t we want to be in the best shape possible to endure this day and all the days after?  We don’t run a marathon unprepared do we?

GF: How do you manage to fit exercise in your busy day, and what advice would you give someone who’s trying to do it?

Erin: This is hard to answer because for me its on the top of my priority list.  I have already decided that it is in my day no matter what.  A lot of people do not have working out on their priority list, yet they “say” they need it.  My advice is to schedule it in the week before so that it is part of your daily routine. Do not just wake up and make the decision. It must be decided before hand.

Thanks Erin for taking the time to answer this questionnaire and being a role model for other women

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  1. Pooja Mehra
    January 5, 2017

    First of all, being bored at work does pay well if you have a smartphone and you browse through blogs.
    Amazing information with facts thoughtfully incorporated within. Definitely going to come back for more! 🙂

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